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 CA Wood Finish and CA Polish system

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How to CA Wood Finish a large project

A quick and easy way to finish projects with an extremely durable coat.  Finishing process from bare wood to glass surface in 5 minutes.

NOTE: if the CA Wood Finish is applied too thick it may not completely cure between layers and then later "spider" crack under the surface - Several thin coats are much better than few thicker coats..

See: CA Finish Cracking under surface


New CA Wood Finish Formulation

CA Wood Finish

Key Features:

  • Extended application time of up to 60 seconds
  • Slightly flexible for an extremely tough and durable finish that polishes to a glass like surface.
  • Ideal for pen finishing and can be used for larger projects
  • Two viscosities:
    • Thin 20 cps for first coat application allowing CA to absorb into the wood to help stabilize and keep from future cracking. 
    • Medium: 100 cps for multiple coats with quick build up yet thin enough to be leveling, reducing the ridges during application.
  • Aerosol CA Activator for quick cure between coats
  • Little or no sanding between coats
  • 1oz, 2.5oz, 4.6oz, 8oz, 16oz

CA Polish:

  • Quick cutting polish
  • Non-wax, non-silicone, no crystalline silica
  • Water based for easy clean up with soap and water
  • Easy application
  • Two polishing products:
    • CA Polish Satin: polishes to approximately 1500g
    • CA Polish Gloss: polishes to a 2,500+g glass like surface; for optimum results to be used after Satin polish application
  • Polish Acrylics instead of Wood with CA Wood Finish? Yes! CA Polish also works well on acrylics!
  • 1oz, 2oz

CA Aerosol Activator: New formula

  • Reduced foaming and discoloration: Formulated for direct application on CA as well as all CA Activating applications requiring immediate instant cure.
  • 3oz, 7.5oz, 12.5oz

Abranet Abrasive by Mirka

  • The ideal abrasive for leveling CA Wood Finish coats ready for the final CA Polish .
  • 3"x3-2/3" squares

CA Wood Finish Starter Kit

CA Wood Finish Starter Kit

CA Polish 2oz and 1ozStick Fast CA Polish

CA Wood Finised pen blank

CA Wood Finish projectCA Wood Finish system project - box

Project finished with CA Wood Finish
and polished with CA Polish Satin and Gloss

NEW Non Stick Bushings: Pack of 4

Making it easier to CA Wood Finish:

on a 7mm mandrel or between centers

Non Stick Bushings - set of 4
Non Stick Bushings - between centersNon Stick Bushings with SlimlineNon Stick Busing single blank on mandrel